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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Patience is a Virtue

It's been quite some time since I last spoke with you:) I am now officially a college graduate!

In May of 2015 I graduated from Elon University with a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications and History. Since then, I have moved back to DC (my hometown) and have been working at an AWESOME missions-driver Public Relations firm in downtown DC. I am also studying to obtain my Master of Divinity Degree at Howard University.

My organization, ScholarCHIPS, is doing very well. We now have 23 scholars and are preparing for our annual College Life Skills Workshop :) I may very soon be able to transition into the full-time executive director! It's so awesome to be able to use my past experiences, to help inspire, motivate and/or encourage youth to follow their dreams, graduate college and break cycles of poverty and intergenerational incarceration.

As for modeling, I am still trying to secure agency representation. I have still been doing quarterly test shoots-finally got some comp cards and even mailed them out to several agencies. Modeling (print, e-commerce, fit) can be a lucrative career and provides the opportunity to travel aside from other things. I think I'd have better luck with a personal agent or manager-but if it's in God's will or permissive will all in his time.

Honestly, I just want to get to a position within the next 10 years where I can retire my grandmother, be prepared to take care of family and contribute financially to my community :)

I see a number of my peers getting engaged and married and I find myself many days longing to be united with a special person to share my ups and downs with-to do life with, but again I know it's all in God's time. I am not and I will not complain-I am truly blessed. I had full scholarship to cover my undergraduate education as well as a full scholarship to cover my graduate education, I have a job I love, an organization I love to dedicate my time and energy to, etc. All I have to do is stay focused.

I'm excited to see what the future brings. Patience truly is a virtue and truly does involve longsuffering, but I'm optimistic that it will it all will be well worth the wait.

Love Always, Yazzie

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Interview with Madeline Figueroa Jones by Yasmine Arrington, July 2014

In July, I had the privilege and honor of both meeting and interviewing Madeline Figueroa Jones, editor-in-chief of PLUS Model Magazine. PLUS Model Magazine is the #1 publication celebrating all aspects of the plus size industry, from plus blogging and modeling to plus fashion and empowerment. This year marks the magazine’s eighth anniversary! I remember when I began learning about the industry back in 2011 and discovering this publication online. I was fascinated by the magazine’s quality from the layout, to the beautiful models, to the content of the articles—the magazine definitely is a reflection of the love, hard work and integrity of Ms. Jones and her team as people.

I had the opportunity to go to a studio location in New York, where Jones and her team, including her husband, founder and photographer of LucasPictures were shooting an international model for their upcoming denim edition. I spent days in advance researching and writing out thought-provoking questions for my interview. Here are the questions I asked, and here is what Jones had to say.

1. You are definitely a confident, strong, empowered woman. I have heard you mention that your mother did a great job raising you, as you never felt limited by your weight to do whatever it is you wanted to do! Can you tell me more about your upbringing and who in your family inspired you?

“All the women in my family are very different. My mom was an excellent homemaker and my mother and grandmother were very graceful women who had dignity and integrity. My mother always told me, ‘You can do whatever you want to do. You can be the president!’ Being the president is the highest position you can reach in this country, so no, I never felt limited. In high school I played football and we had to fight for that at first because they did not want a girl playing football, but I did it!”

2. How did PLUS Model Magazine get started?

“The way Plus Model Magazine came together was very organic and ordained. My current partner, Valery and I used to work at another magazine prior and we got to know each other very well. A plus model I knew very well had forwarded me some amazing shots and I sent them to several magazines trying to get them published and no one wanted to take them. At that time the world was not ready to see a plus sized women in a high fashion or sensual way. This made me only more determined to get these photos out so people could see them and celebrate beautiful, curvy women. I told Valery about my idea and she was sold! Everything seemed to fall into place because I knew her so well and we both had the prior experience with magazine writing and producing. We balance each other out very well.

3. Now I know you’ve done hundreds of interviews and some with big time outlets such as ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, Fox News, Coco Perez, Entertainment Tonight, etc. Do you have a favorite interview and why?

“I believe my favorite interview was the ABC World News feature with Diane Sawyer based on our article and spread entitled ‘Plus Size Bodies, What’s Wrong With Them Anyway?’ (Article Link) because that was a moment when I could truly see that we were in fact making such a huge impact on the world! We received so many positive messages from women everywhere—the U.S., Canada, Europe and also 30 letters from a Girl Scout troop saying how much the story inspired them to love themselves and their bodies. We even received hundreds of requests to republish the story and photos from news outlets internationally from Russian magazines, Germany, etc. We got so many requests and emails, that my team and I were online non-stop, rotating shifts for four days straight—in order to make sure we did not miss out on any opportunities. After this news feature and the responses it generated was when I could see that we were truly making an impact and a difference in the way the world views plus size women.”

4. How was it participating in the Full Figured Fashion Week casting tour in 2012? Did you learn any new insights into the industry?

“I went to the castings for Full Figured Fashion Week (FFFWeek) both in New York and Florida and sat on the panel as one of the judges, selecting models for the fashion show. One thing I learned was that women come in so many different shapes and sizes and are so beautiful and confident! The plus sized community is really a sisterhood and it’s our job to encourage and lift each other up. Actually, when I was younger, I used to model myself and I was one of Gwen’s (Gwen Devoe is the founder of FFFWeek) students in her Plus Academy. It is great to see how our beginnings have now come full circle and all the things we did and learned many years back have empowered and informed us to do what we are doing now to empower thousands of other plus women and coming generations.”

5. Unfortunately, I missed the FFFWeek “Is Plus a Dirty Word” panel. What conclusions did you all come to?

“The panel went very well. We had Monif C., blogger Marie Denee, Curvy Girl Lingerie out of LA, Alexandra and Erica Watson (comedian) on the panel. We mainly talked about the role of plus size bloggers. We are currently working on developing a plus size coalition which would allow us to make proposals and signed petitions to agencies and brands to adopt more models on to their rosters who wear larger sizes than just a 10/12 or 14/16 because these sizes are not the only sizes that represent the plus consumer. If brands want to target larger consumers, when they are only putting out images of smaller women in their advertisements and catalogs but they sell larger sizes, then they are not allowing a big population of their consumers see what the clothing will look like on them and that’s false advertising!

6. What feedback did you receive in relation to PLUS Model Magazine’s first Black Issue?

As for PLUS Model Magazine’s All Black Models edition, we received a lot of hate mail behind that. People were barking things like ‘Why do they deserve their own edition?’ and ‘Why not do an all white model edition?’ and much more harsh comments, but most of all the plus models in the industry are white or of European decent. This is when I realized that we have such a long way to go and that prejudice and racism really do still exist, more prevalently than I thought. Though we’ve made some progress, we’ve got a long way to go. I am also thinking about doing a Hispanic /Latina plus models edition.”

7. I know you are an advocate for body diversity within the industry and I know you launched 18PLUS back in 2010. How is that going?

“Unfortunately there are just not enough 18+ models in the industry for me to do an entire section for 18PLUS every edition without using the same models repeatedly. Though there are models out there who are sizes 18 and above, most of them are not signed to agencies. The industry is just not supporting these women, and that is very disheartening and something I want to change.”

8. In a DailyVenusDiva interview you said, “Don’t be fooled by thinking that just because someone is working in the plus industry that they are plus positive” and in a Plus Model 411 interview you said that “I feel like many companies are focusing on how popular a model is instead of who is actually selling to their customers.” Can you elaborate more on the restrictions and frustrations you run into even today in the industry and with Plus Model Magazine?

“There is such limited size diversity in the industry. There are a lot of plus agencies, bookers, brands and executives who are fat-phobic! This is the root of the problem. As a magazine, to protect our brand and ensure we have high quality models who will be well prepared, show up to set on time, etc. we mainly only hire agency signed models for our shoots and since the pool of these models to choose from is so scarce, this puts limits on our options as well.”

9. I saw you mention that you would love to publish a plus male model edition. Have you begun working on that and do you still plan to do that?

“Yes, I still want to do that very much. If I am going to do so, however, I have to plan ahead because we plan the themes of our monthly issues a year in advance. I will also have to find a lot of my plus male models in advance, because that is another model pool that will be difficult to find. I would like to partner with Chubstr to do this.”

10. What do you think of NUVOTV’s ‘CurvyGirls’? Do you think it paints an accurate portrayal of the industry or is it sensationalized?

“PLUS Model Magazine actually participated in a few of the show’s episodes—the pilot and the first season. I think that production could have been better, because I do not blame the models for certain situations that happened. However, I will say that is was good to see plus women being recognized and celebrated on television.”

11. What is your vision for PLUS Model Magazine and for the plus/curvy industry?

“Honestly, my vision for Plus Model Magazine used to be that I would one day see it on news stands, however, most magazines and news outlets now are making the transition from print to online, so why would I try to go against a societal trend when we are already there? So we are ahead and everyone else is trying to catch up. I would love for PMM’s impact to be worldwide on an even larger scale.
12. What challenges do you face as the Editor?

One of the biggest challenges we face is advertising. Surprisingly, the plus size fashion industry generally does not make a section in their budgets for advertising so when they pay us to publish ads in our magazine they will use money from their social media budget, for example. These companies just want to take pictures and toss them up on social media sites and plus blogs and feel that is sufficient enough. While social media is an effective tool for advertising, big time name brand companies should definitely have a budget set aside for advertising. Though plus bloggers have a big impact and are important, they shouldn’t replace plus models and the need for true advertising. This is a problem and I hope it will change in the future.”

13. I know you are a woman of faith and an advocate for many things in addition to the plus industry such as interracial dating/love, multiple sclerosis and autism. How do you see yourself as an advocate and do you consider your bravery and outspokenness in each area as a part of your purpose/ministry?

“Yes, I do believe that these things that have happened in my life are contributing factors to my purpose and ministry. It all really boils down to your being your authentic self. My grandfather was a minister and he wanted his children to become ministers, which none of them did, but I believe that we minister in our own ways through our industries.

When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis I initially felt betrayed that I was such a big promoter of body acceptance and love, when my own body turned against me. However, now I look at that time in my life as an opportunity to relearn my body and to relearn how to love myself, so now when I talk to women I can understand what they are going through when struggling to love themselves and can speak to them from personal experience.”

14. Lastly, what advice do you have for me as a young woman of color in school who wants to make an impact in the plus industry and in the world, like yourself?

“Well, first I always ask myself, ‘What is the end result for what I want to do?’ I pray, fast and meditate on it.

It is important to have good, honest people around you who will tell you like it is. It is better to have honest people around you, who will sometimes tell you what you don’t want to hear than have people around you who only say yes to everything you say. This will make you a better and a stronger person.

Allow God to order your steps. If he lays something on your heart and you know that is what you are supposed to do, then do it.

Also network, network, network and be nice to people. You never know who someone is. I am a respecter of all persons and as you can see through my personal experiences, many of the people I worked with early on in life, I am still working with now on more intense levels.

After our interview, I watched the team put the finishing touches on the model and prep for the shoot. I watched the model work her magic in front of the camera as Luke worked his magic behind the camera and Jones was right by his side giving instruction and suggestions to the model.

As you can imagine, I left the studio feeling truly inspired and humbled to be in the presence of such an amazing, wise woman and getting a first hand look at what it is like to be in the studio shooting to produce visual content for the next magazine edition. I had to walk to the train station in my high heels because as I made my way earlier during the day, the entire bottom of one of my sandals came off. I took the elevator downstairs, put on my sunshades and headphones, swung my satchel over my right shoulder and walked happily to the train station jamming to the music. This was a day I will never forget as long as I live.
--Yasmine Arrington

Read the latest edition of PLUS Model Magazine here:

Also follow them on Twitter and Instagram @Plusmodelmag

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Weight Loss Journey

College life has the tendency more often than not to pack the pounds onto you without you even knowing it (until your pants can't fit or you get on a scale)! This is true even for males...I've noticed a handful of males decide to buff up in college, so they can get away with eating all the carbs in the world and drinking protein shakes and walking around all bulky (now I know some do eat consciously, but I'm trying to prove a point)! lol

I have always been a thick girl and in middle school I dropped down all the way to a size 12 (to you that might not be small, but I was stacked and a great weight at my age and height). Unfortunately, I did not lose that weight properly because I was not eating (just a diet Snapple and an apple for lunch, no meat, no bread, no carbs). Then when I met the boyfriend in high school and all those trips to the Jamaican restaurant after school began to pack on pounds. Now in college it just got ridiculous...I honestly gained about 40 pounds in college and I haven't even graduated yet. So all of that in 3 years. What surprised me most is that no one really said anything to me like..."Yasmine, you're getting kind of thick there" or "Maybe you should slow down." I guess no one wanted to hurt my feelings. Now don't get me wrong, I have always been proud and happy with myself no matter what weight I was or what stage of life I was in, but there comes a point when you health and longevity become more important.

It is really tricky and difficult to maintain or lose weight in college because you are often stressed and stress eat--you grab what is most convenient and if you're like me, overinvolved in extra-curricular activities you barely have time to go to the gym unless you got at midnight (which is what I had to start doing). And in the Winter you must be TRULY committed to going to the gym because the frigid cold is such a turn off.

When I went back home in December of 2013 got on the scale, as I had to go to the Doctor before going to Ghana in January and I weighed in at a shocking 310 pounds! My doctor yelled at me and insulted me saying things like "Yasmine, THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!" "WE NEED TO MATCH YOUR BODY WITH YOUR FACE!" The last comment went a little to far I think (as she was implying that my face was pretty, but my body was ugly) but on the flip side though, she was right. How did I end up here?

Surely enough though, my Winter Term trip to Ghana with my Ghanaian dance professor would soon change that! I have always LOVED to dance, believe it or not. We would practice from 9am, take a lunch break and then go back to it until the sun began to set. I dropped 15-20 pounds in a month and I was feeling amazing! I knew I had to keep going, building up this momentum and I couldn't stop there, so when I got back to school I kept going. I would still dance and go to the gym every chance I got.

Today, I have lost 40 pounds. My goal is to still lose 40 more pounds. But the difference with my weight loss now, is that this time I am doing it the right way, though it's more challenging. Honestly, it's easier to do a 40 day juice diet or starve yourself than it is to constantly monitor your daily intake and exercise, because it takes focus, a certain level of accuracy, time and consistency. Now I'll admit, there are days where I indulge in a chocolate chip cookie, some macaroni and cheese or a small bowl of ice cream...but there is nothing wrong with treating yourself. It's really about moderation. Eating smaller amounts, more often really does help. Drinking water before meals and drinking water throughout the day...yes, you will have to take multiple bathroom breaks but it's worth it!

Now I can go up to 3 miles if not a little more on the treadmill, and now I am working on flexibility and toning as well. I have incorporated the classic Russian twists, a little bit of yoga, situps, arm toning exercises, burpees, etc. I wake up early every morning to go to the gym...though it's tempting to sleep for an extra 40min-1 hour, every day I push myself to wake up and start my day in the gym, I feel so much better and my body thanks me for it! I intended to take yoga classes this summer, but my working schedule did not allow for it, so I will most likely take a class during the school year.

Please feel free to comment, email me with your own experiences or questions. I would be more than willing to answer them. I'm not there yet, but I've learned to take it one day at a time. If I don't do so well one meal, then I will do much better the next. If eat a lot more in a day than I intended to, then I'll intensify my cardio. Balance is key. Determination is essential. #Healthycurves #plusmodel #curvymodel Now let's hope I keep this up senior year :)

No He Didn't Just Steal My Lunch: Cultural Insight

Yes...I am beginning to think like someone in advertising.

I saw this ad on the train and I, this brand really unlocked a powerful, yet true insight.

I have heard stories in corporate offices I have worked in, where people have stolen others' lunches. You would think in a professional setting where everyone is employed that no one would ever steal a lunch they know does not below to them. The idea in this ad is that, sure, you can put your hummus in the company fridge, but don't expect to see it when you get back! It's almost a twofold cultural insight too...people love hummus and from time to time a swipper finds their way to the office fridge :) HAHA!


Hello All.

For those of you who don't know, I have spent the past two months interning at an advertising agency this summer. No I'm not an advertising or marketing major, I'm a Communications major but when it comes down to it they all overlap in one way or another and they all require effective communication, that's for sure! :) I have learned an immense amount about the business, account management, tending to client's need, the creative process, etc. Let me just say I realize how blessed I am to be a young African American female working a paid internship at one of the world's top advertising agencies, living and maneuvering in New York all by myself! This summer has been by far the best summer I've ever had. I have learned more than I ever thought I would about the corporate work environment, stepping out of my comfort zone, and learning when people violate you or treat you wrong to speak up for yourself! Otherwise, people will feel that they can walk all over you or treat you any way they want to. And when you speak up for yourself, people will respect you for it.

As a part of my internship experience I was put into an intern team and our client was Coca-Cola...a pretty big client for summer interns. And the best news is...MY TEAM WON! At first it was hard...I did not feel that my voice was valued and people would talk over me; I felt that when I shared ideas, no one liked them, so I decided to be quiet. This was something I regret, but as time went on and we got to know each other and learn about our commonalities I became more vocal. I was often challenged by my teammates...I did not like being challenged or feeling like I was being judged as incapable, but honestly, it pushed me to prove them (and anyone else who expected less of me) wrong...that I CAN memorize a speech and that I CAN come up with a brilliant partnership idea and that I CAN articulate well and speak enthusiastically in public about our idea. Unfortunately, I felt that I had to prove myself to my intern team and to my actual account team...however, I realize that that is the name of the game. Though my counterparts may not have expressed it, they in their own ways had to prove themselves as well.

I am so used to people knowing who I am, and knowing about my background and capabilities that I am not necessarily used to being challenged and questioned and having to prove myself, but at the end of the day it made me a better person. It has equipped me with a tougher skin and a sharper mind. I'm definitely ready for my senior year of college.

Below is a picture of my intern team the day of our first presentation and some of our props :) I'm in the red blazer of course.

My job has a campaign going on called 'What Matters Most,' to challenge us to think what things matter most in the workplace. They have posters hanging all over the building that everyone can write on. I think it's genius because it is very easy for people to get into a comfortable cycle and forget those things that are most important.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Senior Year of College Has Snuck Up On Me--What Next?

Hey there my lovelies!

It has been too long since I have spoken with you. Junior year, was the most difficult year for me, not in terms of school work but of LIFE! This year was a year of real life experiences! It taught me to be careful who I trust, how much I trust someone, and to be aware always that human nature is prone to be flaky (yes I said it--we tend to be flaky, lol), forgetful, deceitful (even if unintentionally so), jealous and the list goes on. I also learned that though someone or a group of people may treat us badly, we always have to consider if that person/s are going through some tough life experiences which may cause them to have a bad attitude. Because let's be honest with ourselves shall we, when we are having a bad day, a bad week or just are in a stressful/depressing or angering (is that a word? lol) situation we are not necessarily in our best mood either. We also have to think...hhmmmm maybe it's not them, maybe it's me! Yes, sometimes we can be the ones to blame. I learned that there really are "seasons" to friendships and partnerships. People most of the time do not hang around for the long haul, but are in our lives only for a time either to help us get through a phase or teach us something. And who is to say that those seasonal people are any more or less important that the 'old heads' or our old friends, lol, who stick around for forever?!

I have had a difficult transition from all of the hype my non-profit and I was getting from being on Black Girls Rock to receiving what seemed like non-stop press and media coverage and awards. The fundraising came easier, but now the initial excitement has died down and now I'm faced with reality. Don't get me wrong I was not vain, or did not become vain because of all of the attention. I'm still YAZZIE! And I will ALWAYS BE! After the television feature, after the media, after crossing into a sorority. I'm still Yazzie! I just thank God for all that he is revealing to me as I continue to go throughout life. For some reason, I've always felt that my time is short so I must accomplish as much as I possibly can before my time is up, but I was soon to realize that all of that is in God's hands. He can end life with a breath. That's powerful. I'm sure if you're reading this, you've probably experienced the tragedy of a loved one or close friend passing away, or know of someone who's gone through that...and it caused you to think "Well man, life really is short! And you never know when your time is going to come. It could be now. It could be tomorrow. It could be five, 25 or 50 years from now. You just never know." It is for this reason, that I do not and will not take my life for granted. Though we make lots of futuristic plans for our futures, ultimately we do not control that.

Lastly, I do not mind sharing this with you...The Lord has been leading me more into the direction of ministry. I know there is a calling on my life and I realize now that my undergraduate experience is coming to an end and my life up to this point was only preparation for what is to come. It is after I graduate that I believe my journey is going to truly begin. My friends and peers often seem surprised when I tell them I want to be a minister/pastor in the future--like they don't know that I love the Lord, I love people and I LOVE to talk and share my experiences :) I mean, in college (and even in life) we put so much emphasis on things that don't really matter or truly make us who we are...we are concerned about things like "What should I wear to this," "I should start this org on campus so that people will know I WAS HERE," "I should join this organization or sorority/fraternity so I can prove that I am the best or that I am __you can fill in the blank__," or "I need to get the highest GPA..." Though some of the things I mentioned seemed harmless (like some of you are probably going, what's wrong with that?), and there are not always positive things we think we need to do to fit in, impress people or "make it," but my point is  that...though we think these things are...really NONE of these things are in our control. What was destined to happen to each of us has already been written by our Creator...of course we do have choices to make daily, but our lives really aren't ours to own and claim. I can't speak for anyone else, but my life belongs to the Lord. He gave it to me, he can take it away...he can shower me with blessings and he can chastise me all the same.

Anyways, I will be interning in NY this summer at an advertising agency...something that I am BEYOND thrilled about! I've decided to continue my education after undergrad. I do not know where I will end up, but I'm enjoying the ride as best as I can and know how! I look forward to senior year, but more importantly I look forward to what's going to happen after I step foot off of that stage with my first official higher education degree in hand.

Love Always,


Monday, February 17, 2014

Today is my 21st Birthday, Feb 17th

Yes, in other countries the young have to prove their coming of age by doing things such as capturing and killing a wild beast, spending a few days out in a forest, getting circumcised, but in the U.S. the tradition is quite odd and simple in comparison, and 21st birthday to many Americans means "you are now of legal drinking age," but for me, turning 21 means a whole lot more. 1) I am grateful to have made it to this age, as I pay respect to the young men (especially in recent years) who were shot and killed due to racial profiling or black on black crime and never got to make it to or past 18 years of age, 2) I am still in college, at the latter part of my journey here soon to graduate, 3) I've already been on television once (hopefully that's not the last time, because it's just amazing, lol), 4) my non-profit ScholarCHIPS is still going strong (which by the way we've updated our entire website, check it out , 5) I will be working a paid internship at an advertising agency this summer, 6) I am still in a relationship with my high school sweetheart, 7) I have already traveled to a number of different countries outside of the U.S. and I only plan to increase that number and 8) though I have made mistakes, I have learned and grown from the decisions I've made. These are only a few of many reasons why I am so grateful for my coming of age! How do I known I'm quote on quote "grown," well I filed my taxes and I officially owe Uncle Sam some money....Oh, I'm paying bills now, oh I'm grown, lol. I laugh, but I'm actually crying inside.

I digress. I had a party this past Saturday and it was a blast! About 50 of my school friends came to my apartment that I decorated real elaborately, to eat, socialize, dance and have a good time. Here are a few pictures. Cheers to 21 :)

Oh and today, I am traveling to Atlanta, as I will be presenting on Reversing the Cycle of Incarceration at the College Access Challenge Conference at the Evergreen Marriott that hotel looks nice! Then off to D.C. on Friday for ScholarCHIPS' winetasting :) oddly, but excitingly busy traveling week.

Ghana, Oh My Ghana: My Study Abroad Experience

So first of all, so sorry for leaving you hanging for so long. After I crossed into a sorority this past December, I went home for Christmas break and simply slept and relaxed my life away *but surprisingly still did a lot of networking) and then I was off to Ghana for almost the whole month of January. Oh how I miss that country so! The food is delicious. The country is so peaceful. The scenery is to die for. But most importantly the people are so loving and so genuine. I had a blast. It was so nice to get away from being consumed in front of a computer screen for most of my life, to always be interacting and sharing with real people about life and just laugh...and oh, how can I forget we danced A LOT! I was always physically active and always socializing. Now, I am back to reality. Lots of school readings to complete. Lots of late night of studying for exams ahead. Lots of non-profit business, but hey I have to count my blessings and thank God for the time I spent away. I absolutely love going to countries outside of the US continent--there's always so much to learn, so much culture to consume, hometown pride and friendly people (of course you still have to use your discernment, lol).

I can't possibly explain to you all that happened in just one blog post, but I can do my best to show you! Here are a few pictures of me/us performing, me with school kids and me standing at the Cape Coast Door of No Return (that was some deep stuff!). Below is a video of me describing my adventures further and then is a link to my other blog for a leadership program I am in at my University. Enjoy!

YazzieSpeaks in Ghana Youtube Video

Leadership Ghana Blog

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